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“Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future” by Randy Grskovic (Feb 2013)

These Polaroid Collages by Randy Grskovic are a tribute to memory and its relationship to technology in our advanced day in age. He explains that he is hinting at the way technology has helped us keep these archives of memory, and lose photos less often, but the distortion come in when a picture has been lost in your hard drive. When we have trouble finding this information in the “junkyard/Mall of internet search providers.”

Making this mechanical cuts and distorting the photos creates a new way of thinking about memory. The way that its possible to have never met someone, find a lost photo of them, and have an emotional draw to the subject of the photo.  Grskovic says that he studies the photos and manipulates them in a way that the new, changed memory, is an “interaction with the subjects in the photos as well as both of their relationship to the technology.” Before he cuts up the photos and manipulates the  Grskovic states that “[He] think[s] about the past and the present and how they relate to the future.

Randy Grskovic 22Flowers22 collage contemporary artRandy Grskovic 22Psycho22 collage contemporary artRandy Grskovic 22Smoke Signals22 collage contemporary artRandy Grskovic Forest Fire Collage

Randy Grskovic poloroid collage Saturday

Randy Grskovic poloroid collage Saturday _0001Randy Grskovic The Grass Was Always GreenerRandy Grskovic Trophy Daughter collage photographyRandy Grskovic wedding 1960Randy Grskovic wedding 1960_0001



Randy Grskovic

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